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Nesting Party, Meal Prep Party, & Mumma Circles…

We’ve all heard of baby showers but what else is there?

If you are so inclined, like I am, for a party “aka a gathering of your nearest & dearest in anticipation of something exciting”, then have a think about hosting one of these:

Nesting Parties

Gather your closest people in pregnancy & get nesting! We all know how hard it is to get everything done. Let them help you sort cupboards, prepare food, setup furniture, sterilize bottles, sterilise toys, install car seats.

Meal Prep Parties

Prepare frozen meals & snacks (think about breakfast too) with the help of your loved ones! (If you need some insp for recipes, send me a message!!). You can have a jar for loved ones to contribute to the cost of the groceries.

Mumma Circles (but make it Christ-centred)

Gather with other Christian mums in your life. This can involve the sharing of prayers/bible verses for you to lean on in birth/pp, thoughtful encouragement & love to celebrate your next journey into motherhood.

And you can totally invite your postpartum doula too!

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