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Why do babies have more needs than just hunger, poop, wee & sleep?

Sorry I’ve been very quiet on here… between sickness & wonderful things like weddings & birthdays, these past few months have flown by.

Something struck me this week though & I wanted to share with you all, whoever you are (seriously thank you for being here).

Why oh why do we think babies just need to eat, poo & sleep? God created us in His image, but in each of our own personalities.

Babies also need closeness, connection, and comfort. They aren’t robots… or anything close to what AI ever will be. Each newborn, baby, toddler, child, adult is unique.

This is definitely both a joy & a curse, especially in those “trenches” of pain or sleep deprivation, so you go to a friend or health professional to find a fix that worked for them only to find it doesn’t suit your baby or situation.

LEARN and LISTEN to the baby in front of you.

Find what feels most comfortable for you & your baby.

It will take time, tears🙃, and an immense amount of love.

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