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What the hospital won’t tell you about caesarean section recovery


1 in 3 mums are birthing via a caesarean (based on 2021 statistics from the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare).

As a mama who has had one, here are some tips I can share:

💛For the first 48hrs try to take frequent SHORT walks to get the blood circulating, but do rest as much as you can

💛You will need more support than you imagine during the early days as you will have very limited mobility (simple things like sitting on the toilet or getting into / out of bed)

💛You will likely need to inject anti-clotting needles into your thigh for the first week

💛Take probiotics & foods with pre & probiotics to help offset the antibiotics

💛Heat packs can help ease discomfort around your scar - use them to put gentle counter-pressure when you laugh too!

💛Don’t use your abs to get up (for longer than you think) - your stomach has just had 7 layers cut through them! Roll to the side, push up with arms & slide legs off, then push up with your thighs AND arms. Better yet - get someone to help you up!

💛Play around with side-lying breastfeeding - I can try to support you with this, but engage an IBCLC to help even more!!!

💛Your scar can experience many feelings, if you feel like something isn't right or the pain isn't decreasing - call your midwife or dr to get them to check it out.

💛For the first 3-5 months avoid movements that aggravate your scar such as lunges, back bends, inversions, wide leg poses... thanks for that @yogaformama ❤️

I am aware that these don’t include the spiritual / emotional / mental aspects of having a c section, and I can't begin to explain them here but would love to share these with you one day.

For those that have had one, what was one thing that surprised you about the experience or that you would like to pass onto other mothers in their early c-section pp?

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